Thursday, January 31, 2008

hcg story

I am a 63 year-old man who began the injectable HCG weight loss program 6month's ago.

I have arthritis in both knees and one has very little cartilage left. As a result I was in too much

pain to exercise. I have poor willpower in eating.I had tried all the other plans- Jenny Craig,

Weight Watchers, Suger Busters, etc. with NO success. I am 6'2" and at the time weighed in at

304.4 pounds.In 43 day's I lost 34#. I have no skin folds from the loss. I went from a tight

size 46 to size 42 pants.I can now walk vigorously, play golf and conduct a normal life style.

I no longer need a leg brace or cane to walk.My cholesterol has gone down from 239 to 188, BP

is 120/75, sugar is 96.I feel like a new man. I have gained 5# back, but will be back on the

plan Sunday ,Superboll Day.This program is a life-saver!